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Getting the Pictures You Want

The key to getting the wedding pictures that you want is asking for them. Give your photographer a list of shots that you want, and he or she can work from that. If you do the work head of time, then you won't have to worry about your photographer missing any precious moments on your wedding day.

Below we have compiled a huge list of possible pictures for your wedding day. Print it off and place a check mark next to those pictures that you would like taken or even highlight the shots that are most important to you and your fiancé.

Before the Ceremony
The Bride
The Groom
__ Wedding dress laid out

__ Groom getting ready

__ Bride getting ready __ Groom putting on tie
__ Bride looking in mirror __ Mother pinning boutonnière
__ Bride putting on garter __ Dad-hand shake/patting back
__ Mother helping with veil __ Groom-full length & close up
__ Pinning father's boutonnière __ Groom with mother
__ Bride-full length & close up __ Groom with father
__ Bride with mother __ Groom with both parents
__ Bride with father __ Groom with siblings
__ Bride with both parents __ Groom & immediate family
__ Bride with siblings __ Groom with grandparents
__ Bride & immediate family __ Groom with best man
__ Bride with grandparents __ Groom with ushers
__ Bride with maid of honor __ Groom with ring bearer
__ Bride with her attendants  
__ Bride with flower girl  
__ Bride with ring bearer  
__ Father helping out of limo  
During the Ceremony
__ Grandparents being seated __ Father giving Bride away
__ Groom's parents being seated __ Bride & Groom at the alter
__ Bride's parents being seated __ Exchanging vows
__ Groom & officiant at alter __ Exchanging rings
__ Attendants walking aisle __ Lighting candles
__ Ring bearer walking aisle __ Bride & Groom kissing
__ Flower girl walking aisle __ Bride & Groom walking aisle
__ Father escorting Bride
__ Recessional
After the Ceremony
__ Pictures of receiving line __ Bride & Groom get in limo
__ Signing of marriage license __ Bride & Groom toast in limo
__ Bride & Groom leave church __ Bride & Groom drive away
Formal Pictures
Bride & Groom with
__ Full Length with train at alter __ Bride's parents
__ Close up with bouquet at alter __ Groom's parents
__ Bride with groomsmen __ Bride's & Groom's parents
__ Bride's immediate family
__ Full length & close up at alter __ Groom's immediate family
__ Groom with bridesmaids __ Bride's grandparents
Bride & Groom
__ Groom's grandparents
__ Bride & Groom-Full Length __ Bride's extended family
__ Bride & Groom-Half Length __ Groom's extended family
__ Bride & Groom-Close Up __ Maid of honor & best man
__ Kissing __ Flower girl & ring bearer
__ Gazing at each other __ Entire wedding party
__ Hands-close up of the rings __ Officiant
__ Bride& Groom's entrance __ Wedding Cake
__ Best man's toast __ Bride & Groom cutting cake
__ Bride & Groom during toast __ Bride feeding Groom
__ Groom & best man after toast __ Groom feeding Bride
__ Bride & Groom kissing __ Kiss after cutting cake
__ Bride & Groom at head table __ Bride tossing bouquet
__ Wedding party at head table __ Groom taking off garter
__ Bride & Groom's first dance __ Groom throwing garter
__ Bride's dance with father __ Guests dancing
__ Groom's dance with mother __ Bride & Groom's last dance
__ Wedding party dancing __ Bride & Groom's farewell


__ Bride & Groom with relatives
Close ups
__ Bride & Groom with friends __ Invitation
__ Picture of guest tables __ Bride's bouquet

__ Picture of buffet table

__ Groom's boutonnière
__ Picture of gift table __ Bridal gown-beading/details
__ Picture of band or DJ __ Bride's veil




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