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Bridal Shower Basics

Who should host the shower?
Traditionally the maid of honor and bridesmaids host a shower for the bride to be, but nowadays anyone who wants to through a shower can. Etiquette used to dictate that family members should not host showers because gifts are expected, however that is no longer an issue. Mothers, aunts, sisters, future in-laws or anyone who has the resources needed to host a shower may do so.

Can I have more than one shower?
Many lucky brides have multiple bridal showers. For instance one shower with the groom's family and friends, one with the bride's family and friends, one with work colleagues, etc. Because of the strain on pocket books, guests other than immediate family members should only be invited to one or two showers at the most.

When should the shower take place?
Bridal showers are typically held about 2 to 3 months before the wedding. Invitations should be sent about a month before the shower to allow guests adequate time to RSVP and purchase gifts.

Where should the shower be located?
The location of the shower should be based on the amount of people attending. If you are having a very large shower, consider renting a small hall to comfortably fit all of the guests. Otherwise someone's living room or backyard will work just fine!

Who should be invited?
Only invite people to the shower who will also be invited to the wedding...unless of course you will be jetting off to Vegas for your nuptials with only a handful of people in attendance.

Can second time brides have a shower?
It used to be that women who were marrying for the second time had to forgo their bridal shower. However nowadays it is not inappropriate for the second time bride to have a shower held in her honor.





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