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About Us

Charlie & Megan Mercer


Our kids: Charlie & Logan


Megan Mercer is the founder, creator and publisher of michiganweddingsolutions.com. After her son was born, Megan became a stay at home mom.  Looking for a way to earn income from home, she came up with the idea of michiganweddingsolutions.com.  Megan recalled how much fun she had planning her own wedding in Lansing, however she remembered her frustration as she looked to the Internet for information.  Unable to find a Website specific to the Lansing area, Megan decided to build one herself.

In August of 2004, michiganweddingsolutions.com was launched. We are a locally owned and operated online wedding planning community focusing solely on the state of Michigan.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide couples in Michigan with FREE no-nonsense wedding planning advice and research on local wedding services without all of the annoying pop-up and banner ads that are found on other Websites. We aim to keep the site simple, uncluttered, and easy to navigate.

In addition, michiganweddingsolutions.com gives brides and vendors a chance to interact with one another using the Internet. For a bride, michiganweddingsolutions.com saves time and money. For the participating vendors, michiganweddingsolutions.com generates increased interest in their products and services by being listed in our directories, photo galleries and articles.


Thank you for your support, from our family to yours!





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